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Advising Philosphy


I see my role as a layered one; I will simultaneously serve as an advocate, a coach, a mentor, and a liaison to the University’s resources for first year students. I seek to facilitate the growth and development of each student along these lines: (1) aiding them in a smooth transition into becoming an independent and responsible young adult (2) ensuring that they develop an understanding of the University’s curriculum, structure, and policies that lays down a foundation for optimizing their time at Notre Dame (3) supporting their path toward becoming a well rounded, self-motivated, life-long learner.


Take Risks, Listen to your Voice, Discover your Passions, Find your Flow/Rhythm, Sharpen your Talents, and Share your Gifts.



Academic Success Coaching Modules

First Year Independent ePortfolio Self Study Courseware

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.