DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Learning Self-Assessment


Answer the following questions in a journal post:


WHEN: Use of Time

When do you study? (Time of day, day of the week)

When do you do HW?

How long are your study sessions?

Do you use a calendar? 

What time management systems or techniques do you use?

Do you stay on top of email?


WHERE: Physical Environment

Where do study best? (Library, room, student center)


WHO: Social 


Who do you study with?

Do you have a study group or personal learning network?

Have you gone to office hours? A review session?

Have you talked to your professor? Your TA?

HOW: Methods of Learning

How is your class attendance?

How do you read? (highlight, annotate, etc)

How do you take notes in class?

How do you study for a test? 

What study habits do you have?

What learning strategies do you use?


WHY: Motivation

What motivates your school work? (GPA, job..?)

Do you have the passion necessary to be successful in this class, major, field, or career?


WHAT: Planning & Monitoring Performance

Are you satisfied with your current academic performance?

How do you measure and track your academic success?

When could you plan on studying more in your week?

Where else could you plan on studying?

Who could else could you plan on studying with?

What resources have you used or actions have you taken to get help?
These questions are based on Zimmerman's Self Regulation Areas
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.