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How to ask for a letter of recommendation?

I have collected a couple useful links for you to read some guides about the proper and effective way to request a letter of recommendation.
What do I need to write you a letter of recommendation?
1) Following the guidelines and advice above, contact me.
2) If it turns out that I can effectively endorse you then provide me with the following information via email:
*What is this letter for? (Information about what you are applying for, link to organization/application)
*Who am I writing this to? (The audience and perspective)
*When do you need this by? (Deadline of application and when would you like it done)
*Where do I submit? (Mailing address, email address)
*Why did you ask me? (What types of things do you think I can, or do you want me to, speak about)
*How can I best represent you? (Do you have a resume and/or portfolio to share with me. Can you provide any evidence, examples, events, papers, projects.)
3) Do you have any supplemental materials that I can use? (Resume, relevant course work samples, ePortfolio...)
4) If possible, I would also like to meet to discuss this in person.
5) Once it is done, let me know, did it work? Give me update.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.