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Ambrose (2015) "Pairing Digital Portfolios & Badges to Recognize Informal Learning" The Badge Alliance's Open Badges in Higher Ed, Webinar



Audio Recording (8/4/2015): https://archive.org/details/BAHigherEdCall4August2015

Backchannel Notes: http://etherpad.badgealliance.org/HigherEducationWG2015-August4


G. Alex Ambrose will discuss why digital badges need ePortfolios and why ePortfolios need digital badges. “ePortfolios with Evidenced-Based Badges” (E2B2) at Notre Dame, which won a 2015 Campus Technology Innovator Award, is this first true integration of ePortfolios (Digication) and digital badges (Credly) offers evidence of competencies gained from co-curricular learning experiences on a collegiate campus. To date, 9 different badges have been created and issued to over 100 students. Using a few use cases, Alex with share his research on digital badge design, perceptions, and impact. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.