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I believe discovery of self is a life long process, and so I still have a lot to learn about myself.  But I can tell you a few things....


Born in the San Francisco Bay Area but raised in the suburbs of Sacramento, California I am the oldest of three girls and the first in my family to attend the University of Notre Dame.  In fact, I am only the second generation on my mom's side of the family to attend college and also a second generation American (my grandparents are from Spain).  I attended Loretto High School, an all girls Catholic school which sadly closed in June 2009.  I owe a lot to that school - lasting friendships, discovering passions in running and service, and not the least, an education that got me into Notre Dame and continues to contribute to my success.


My time at Notre Dame has been both amazing and challenging.  I lived in PW for three years and now live off campus for my senior year.  I began as a Science-Business major hoping to go to medical school.  I am still a Science-Business major, but am now hoping to work more on the business side of health care, and will be earning a Master's degree from the ESTEEM Program at Notre Dame to better prepare myself for the business world.  


I feel that the rest of my ePortfolio shows who I am as a student of Notre Dame.  So at this time I would like to share with you a self-reflection I recently found that I wrote towards the end of my freshman year of college.  I would like to think I have grown a lot since I wrote this reflection, but my ultimate goals remain the same:


"Having absolutely no direction or goal in my life kind of scares me.  Ok, well I mean I do have some goals and dreams.  I want to have a family and I want to find an occupation I will enjoy and look forward going to everyday, or at least the majority of the time.  One of my dream jobs is to be a pediatrician, but I realistically could not get through medical school because I am squeamish and do not have the "stomach" for it.  So when people constantly ask me now what I want to do when I graduate and what I will do with my major, my response is always "I don't really know."  I realize this is fine, and that I will likely change jobs numerous times during my life but at the same time it is still a little unnerving.


I think that part of my problem is that I am still unsure about the core of my nature.  Who is Bianca Fox?  I am not completely sure.  A quiet girl who tends to be a perfectionist and thus made herself unnecessarily stressed in the past, and still does a little too often now.  A girl who works hard to please others but at the same time is not looking for recognition.  Shy and so some might find her aloof at first.  Insecure at times.  But despite all this I am also a growing and changing independent young woman.  I avoid confrontation and dislike to argue but I still do what I think is right for me.  I know that I want to live freely and confidently - not caring what others think except for those I love and respect.  I want to find out what I know in my deepest self to be true, right, and just, and to be able to stand up for those values and beliefs in the face of adversity.  I want the strength to challenge what I know to be wrong and unjust, both on a local and international level.  However, at the same time I always want to keep an open mind and heart to some challenging beliefs or new and different ideas, and in the process hopefully reach a higher truth."



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