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The Three-Minute Life


Find inspiration by catching  a glimpse into the daily lives of authors, musicians, and artists:  http://video.newyorker.com/series/the-three-minute-life


Research About Learning


Struggle Means Learning: Difference in Eastern and Western Cultures


A psychologist observes that, in many Asian cultures, struggle is a predictable part of the learning process. Everyone is expected to struggle in the process of learning, and so struggling becomes a chance to show that the student has what it takes emotionally to resolve the problem by persisting through that struggle. Read More


Developing a Growth Mindset

Research by Stanford University professors Carol Dweck, Greg Walton, and their colleagues shows that developing a growth mindset promotes academic tenacity, as well as “character strengths and skills in young people that have long been considered essential for social, personal, and vocational success.” (characterlab.org)

In contrast to a fixed mindset—the belief that basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits that one cannot develop—a growth mindset is the belief that your most basic abilities can, indeed, be developed through dedication and hard work, that brains and talent are just the starting point.

To understand a little more about the growth mindset, check out this video on the Learning Brain.

Learn more about Dr. Dweck et al.’s research at characterlab.org and howyouthlearn.org/research_mindsets.html.


Summer Reading


Looking for some good books to read over the summer? Check out this list for college freshmen.


Students’ Stories


Students come to Notre Dame from all regions in the United States and myriad countries all over the world. They represent numerous racial and ethnic cultures and economic backgrounds, speak one language or many, practice different religions, identify as straight or LGBTQ, and manage physical challenges as well as mental health. Notre Dame students are truly diverse!


However, many students have difficult, sometimes painful, experiences on campus because of their identity and difference. The articles below serve as a resource where students might find shared experiences and ideas for how to find their place at ND.




Check out these TED talks for inspiration as you make the transition to life as a college student.

Also, here’s an article from The New York Times about Millenials as the “nice generation.”

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