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The Three C's are Community, Compassion, and Cultural Competence. I feel that promoting the three C's is a great way to spread Notre Dame's message of diversity and inclusion.


ND Club of Harrisburg

 Even before I came to Notre Dame, I started to get involved in the Notre Dame community. I got involved with alumni at the Sunday night homeless dinner's hosted by the Notre Dame club of Harrisburg. Getting the chance to volunteer there introduced me to the compassion of the Notre Dame community.


At Notre Dame


 Starting the summer before my first year, I have reached out and tried to get involved in the Notre Dame-South Bend community. The Balfour-Hesburgh scholars went to volunteer at the Unity Gardens which was an amazing experience. During the fall and spring semesters, my fellow Balfour-Hesburgh scholar Lauren Hill and I completed the Urban Challenge I & II. The opportunity to volunteer and get involved in the community was one of the most important parts of my first year.


MSPS Community


 To me the term cultural competence is a catch-all across religion, race, and socioeconomic background. During my time at Notre Dame I am trying to promote inclusion and diversity at Notre Dame. One of the ways that I have tried to do this has been through involvement in Notre Dame's Multicultural Students Program and Services. Check out my MSPS page for more information!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.