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First Year of Studies Milestone Matrix
   During my first semester at Notre Dame, I did a lot to get involved. Along the way, I met people, planned for the rest of my college career, and shaped my own future. In this table of contents, you can find hyperlinks to a plethora of evidence in my ePortfolio.


FYS First Semester ObjectivesEvidence
Connect with Community

To see my involvement with the First Year

 Urban Challenge click here.

To view my involvment with my dorm

 community click here.

Have a Vision

To see how my vision began, read through

 my initial thoughts here.

Manage Your Learning

To see how I manage my time, check this out. 

To understand what study system works for 

 me, look here.

Navigate the System

To view my ND Network click here. 

To explore my support system click here.

Plan Your Studies

To see my plan of studies click here.

Exploring Majors

To see how I have explored multiple majors 

 before choosing Neuroscience click here. 

To understand my perfect major, check out

 my 'major madlibs' here. 

Planning for Your ND Career

To see how I'm planning my ND career: 

 check out my research tab here.

 look how I got involved with theatre here.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.