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Snite Museum: Charles Moore Birmingham Gallery

  My first stop by the Snite Museum was to observe a gallery of photograph's originally published in Life Magazine by Charles Moore. This series of three shots framed the events of the "Birmingham Campaign." I spent a little over an hour analyzing these pictures with a Snite tour guide. I had never spent so much time conversing about the properties of a picture; we discussed framing, developing, and the artist's message. Much of the artwork at the Snite Museum has stimulated my imagination, but this gallery in particular captivated me and introduced me to the art of photography.


Student Stand-Up Club: Marek Mazurek


 There is an infinite number of student activities on campus every weekend; it is not possible to attend every play, performance, and event. One of the first student-run "arts" that I attended was a stand-up comedy night at Legends. My friend, Marek Mazurek, opened for another student club "The Humor Artists." I was amazed by my friend's hidden talent and inspired me to pursue the arts myself. Before seeing Marek perform, I was already signed up for the fall production with the Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company, but watching his stand-up transformed any nerves I had into pure excitement. Although the arts, especially student-run companies, can be underappreciated on campus, those of us who explore our talents are very supportive of each other. 


Shakespeare at Notre Dame: Much Ado About Nothing


  During my first month at ND, I decided to see Shakespeare at Notre Dame's last show of the season. This was the first time I had ever seen a production with actors from the London stage. The show changed the way I though about "serious Shakespeare." The actors made the verse jump off the page and come to life on stage. I had never been so excited and drawn in by theatre. After seeing this production, my love for Shakespeare continued to grow. To my pleasant surprise, Scott Jackson, executive producer of Shakespeare at ND, directed my first Notre Dame production: ShakesFEARe.


For my personal involvement in the arts, please refer to this link.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.