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My ND Network


-Explore the webpage of your likely major to investigate possible opportunities you might want to prepare for, such as internships, research opportunities, conferences, etc? Provide a link to 2 opportunities on the webpage(s) that you found interesting.

My intended major is Neuroscience & Behavior, however the opportunities surrounding this cirriculum is limited because it is new. For the intents and purposes of this assignment, I have chosen one opportunity from Biology and one from Psychology.

  • The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biocomplexity merges Biology with computational studies for the purpose of studying how organisms interact with their environment. This center holds a workshop every spring, but the 2015 workshop has not been announced. http://www3.nd.edu/~icsb/
  • The department of Psychology's website redirected me to the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagment for reserach opporunities in this field. http://cuse.nd.edu/

-Do you know where to go to receive help with your writing? List two resources where you could find assistance.

  • Dr. Matthew Capdevielle in the Writing Resource Center, I took a summer class with him and he is always willing to talk to me or set me up with a WRC tutor.
  • Deborah Forteza, She taught my first semester Writing & Rhetoric course and is always just an email away.

-Do you know how to look up University faculty, staff and departments on the online directory so that you can request a meeting?

  • The ND Mobile App's directory has the emails of every ND student, staff, and faculty.
  • "BookMe" is an application that many advisors and professors use to schedule appointments, the link to their account is available on ND.edu.
  • When all else fails, GOOGLE. Nowadays, everyone is reachable and all you have to do is google their name along with their institution: for example "Dominic Acri Notre Dame."

-Do you know where to go to get information on setting up internships? List two resources where you could find assistance.

  • Arnel Bulaoro is the coordinator of Building Bridges, a research-oriented program in the MSPS office. I have met with him multiple times to discuss summer internship opportunities.
  • Consuela Wilson is a Career Center Advisor who has office hours in the MSPS office, located on the second floor of the LaFortune Student Center. In meetings with her, I have discussed preparing a CV, a resume, and internship applications.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.