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 During my first semester I attend three small group seminars hosted by the College of First Year Studies dubbed "Renaissance Circles." The Renaissance Circle was started with the intent of giving first year students the chance to provide evidence of how they have developed into a "renaissance person." The focus of each seminar varies, and at the end of each the speaker puts forth a challenge tailored to their speech.



 To me, being a "21st Century Da Vinci" doesn't mean painting the next Mona Lisa. Leonardo Da Vinci's life was much more than his artwork; his interdisciplinary endeavours affect Notre Dame students in every college, every day (whether they know it or not). If Da Vinci was alive today, the mere range of his interests and skills would shock everyone. It is only through emulating his love of knowledge and a wide range of artistic/academic pursuits that a person can claim to be a "21st Century Da Vinci." I had some diverse interests before attending the circles, but after attending the seminars I knew I had to do a lot more before I could become a "21st Century Da Vinci". 


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