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 Time Tracker

1. Pre-assesment


2. Weekly Schedule

3. Class Time- 23.67 hours

    Employment- 7 hours

    Personal Time- 50 hours

    Leisure Activites- 20 hours


4. After tracking my time for a week, I have found that having a busy schedule has really helped me stay on track. I have minimized my personal time and increased my leisure time by keeping myself busy during the study time I have set out for myself. My totals were all within a couple hours of my preassesment. I found that Sundays and Friday nights are when I spend most of my leisure time. 


5. After looking at my schedule, I have found some inconsistencies. In order to have time for research and still get all my schoolwork done sometimes I have to give up a little sleep. There are some days that this is not a problem, but Monday through Wednesday nights seem to be important days to keep control of my time management.

   My initial pre-assesment was very accurate because Balfour had prepared me so well for my fall semester. I had made my schedule and knew the importance of doing so because of my classes during Balfour.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.