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Advisor Meetings

 This year has been a little unorthodox for me advisor-wise; halfway through my first year I got a new advisor and halfway through my second semester I started meeting with my neuroscience advisor. So in two semesters, I have had at least a dozen meetings across my three advisors. My second first year advisor and I, Assistant Dean Dawson, have had meetings that lasted an hour of me just explaining how I want to shape my time at Notre Dame. 

 It took me a while to discern my neuroscience major and I am still considering majors in chemistry and biochemistry. On my home page, you can read more about my academic and personal goals. Also in my conversations with Assistant Dean Dawson, I have shared my interest in the arts or the possibility of a "Science, Technology, and Values" minor.


Career Center

 In the midst of trying to discern my major and career, I have visited the career center (or their advisors at info sessions around campus) a couple of times. Consuela Howell-Wilson, the Career Center Inclusion Specialist, and I have met a couple times to work on my resume and grant applications. I have learned a lot from Career Center advisors when they came to speak to Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars, when they hosted a night at the Unity Games, and at the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch before the campus-wide career fair. I will definitely be stopping by the Career Center in the future!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.