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As of August of my Freshman year, I have worked as a Research Assistant in Professor Giles Duffield's Bio Clock Labratory. My contributions have been directly related to the study of the effects of light on the circadian rhythms of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes. The publications and projects of the Duffield Lab aim to learn how to alter the flight and biting patterns of M and S form An. gambiae in order to decrease the spread of malaria. 


I sought out a position in this lab because I believe it integrates my interests and my intended major. Circadian rhythms are a subset of neuroscience and are used to explore the many practical applications of behavior. The papers that I have read for this lab and the knowledge I have gained have prepared me very well for conducting my own research and my intended concentration should I apply to medical school. 


Some skills that I have learned from working in the Bio Clock Lab are...

  • mosquito hubandry.
  • analyzing mass amounts of raw data.
  • upkeep of standard laboratory equipment.
  • designing experiments using model species.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.