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University Outcomes Matrix


  During my first year, I have become focused on fulfilling the expectations of the University. In this table of contents, I provide evidence as well as plans of how I am aligning my four years at Notre Dame with the Univeristy's desired outcomes.


University Outcome

Plans for Growth &

Linking Evidence

Acquire, synthesize, and communicate knowledge by incorporating relevant disciplinary approaches, cultural perspectives, and Catholic intellectual tradition.

My academic showcase tab displays a wide range of projects that incoporate all Notre Dame Traditions. One of these papers is an audio essay, which integrated my love for media with creativity. I have also attended presentations and symposiums on many different subjects, one of these was the Symposium for Rare and Neglected Diseases. I plan on attending many more of these over the next four years Finally, my Capstone essay ties together

what I have learned from my ePortfolio with what I have learned in all of my classes.

Recognize moral and ethical questions in lived experiences, evaluate competing options, and act with integrity.

In order to get in touch with the moral and ethical questions in today's world, I have spent time volunteering at Unity Gardens, the Catholic Worker, and have even written a paper on Diversity in Science.

Contribute to the common good by displaying a disciplined sensibility and committed engagement in response to complex challenges facing local, national, or global communities.

There are two communities that I am very active in as a Notre Dame student. I have faced very local challenges in my dorm community, while facing more global challenges in the Native American community through the Native American Student Association.

Demonstrate the vision and self-direction necessary to articulate and advance their goals.

A big part of my freshman year has been planning: planning for the future semesters and everything that will follow college. Things such as my internship assessment and my academic goals reflections have helped me articulate all that I want to achieve.

Think critically before accepting or formulating opinions or conclusions.

During a Renaissance Circle lead by Dr. G. Alex Ambrose, I learned that Mind-Mapping can be an affective way to think critically and plan out my thoughts, projects, and goals.

Exhibit creativity or innovation in the pursuit of their intellectual interests.

While planning out my education, I found that being creative and innovative can catapult me into the 21st Century. My plan to become proficient in R-Programming incorporates technology into my set of skills.

Display a level of mastery in their major field(s) of study that enables them to successfully pursue professional careers or advanced study.

In the end, I want to be a Neuroscientist. I understand that this is going to take a lot of experience and mastery. Through my involvement with research, I plan on learning all there is to know about neuroscience as pertaining to circadian rhythms and bodily cycles.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.