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Mid-year Adjustments and Plans (2014)

Mid-year is a good time to revise and refine your plans and goals in light of your first semester experiences.  Using the Edit tab above please answer the following questions in the spaces below, then click on "Save" and "Publish."  Even though there are more questions on this assignment, it should only take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Feel free to take longer if you like and use the resource link for prompts and more assistance in brainstorming your replies. Then submit the assignment to your advisor (directions for submitting assignments are below).

1. How have you found your place at Notre Dame? How have your initial concerns about transition to the first year of college been addressed or alleviated?

Yes, after switching dorms I think I have adjusted much better and some stresses about fys have been alleviated.

2. Thinking back to your Initial Thoughts, when you reflected on what you were most looking forward to, in what ways have your expectations have been met or not met?

I expected to have more organized study times, but I have realized that my success is more dependant on how I use my unorganized time.

3. Every student feels like he or she has failed something - a paper, an exam, an audition or tryout. What are some ways that you have managed to rebound from setbacks? Which classes were most challenging, and how did you handle these challenges?

I have rebounded through paper revisions and studying harder for my next tests, I faced most of these setbacks in Chem for majors.

4. If you were in an interview for a job or internship and asked the following questions: how would you respond? What are your greatest academic strengths and how have you grown intellectually over the last four months?

I think that some of my academic strengths include intiative and my drive to get my work done. I have grown intellectually in the sense that I  am much better at using my time inside and outside the classroom.

5. Which classes have you found most interesting and why? Is there a topic (related to those classes or not) on which you might, eventually, like to do a short- or long-term research project?

My most interesting class last semester was psychology, short-term I am not doing much in that field, but being a neuroscience major I expect to come across psychology in some form during any long-term research project.

6. Which of your study strategies are working well for you and which are not? On average, how many hours each week did you spend in the fall solely focused on homework assignments, reading, and studying?  What adjustments in how you study do you hope to make in the coming semester?

My best study strategy was to isolate myself in the library to allow my mind to work. I probably spent upwards of 20 hours a week working like this last semester. This semester, I plan to do more of this isolated studying in my dorm. I beleive this will be more effective and could open up some time for me to spend doing other things.

7. What opportunities have you used to learn outside the classroom, and how did they increase your skills (cultural competencies, creativity, interpersonal, leadership, communication, organizational, or other skills)? 

Outside the classroom, my involvement in acting has improved my reading and speaking skills. My other clubs and activities have also taught me how to related to others, address people of authority, and become active professionaly online.

8. What major are you now considering studying? What do you find intriguing about it and how has your interest in this area developed at ND? How confident do you feel about your present choice? 

I am considering and have declared Neuroscience and Behavior. This was originally my intent, but last semester re-affirmed my decision. I feel very confident that it is the right choice for me.

9. Take a few minutes to explore the webpage of the major you are considering or the pertinent pages of the Bulletin of Information to see what courses you need to take over the next three and a half years to complete the major. (See the FYS Advising ePortfolio Resources link for both.)  Do you have the prerequisite courses and/or skills to do well in this area of study?

After looking over the prereq's and skills for NSBH, I think that I will do well and succeed in my major on my path to medical/graduate school.

10. Many seniors will say they wish that they archived and showcased some of their best work through the years. Spend a few minutes, attaching below a few of your best first-semester work (essays, projects, presentations, problem sets, or the like). 

Redirect to my showcase tab.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.