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World Chicago/ Signature Bank /EO Chicago: Global Economic Summit, September 2018. For Chicago Enterpreneurs and Global Female Executives (participants in program sponsored by the US Department of State. )


"Tackling Child Labor from an Economist’s Perspective" by Hoda Fakhari, March 2018. The Key Reporter.


"Top 3 Lecture Hacks" by Patrick Johnson, January 2018. Notre Dame


 "Under the Shadow of Supply-Side Reform" by April Dan Feng, May 2016. The Huffington Post.


"Economic impact of new hotel in Downtown South Bend" by Bridgette Matter, April 2015. ABC 57 News


 "NDIGD awarded grant from U.S. Department of Labor to evaluate approaches in reducing child labor" by Meg McDermott, March 2015. Notre Dame. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.