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Research Focus:

Determinants of citizenship among the foreign born in the United States, Country-specific human capital, Fertility of the foreign born in the United States, Gender preference and assimilation of immigrants, Child Labor



Dziadula, E. (2019). “Marriage and citizenship among U.S. immigrants: Who marries whom and who becomes a citizen?” Eastern Economic Journal


full-text access to a view-only versionhttps://rdcu.be/bRhjQ



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Dziadula, E. (2014). Essays on united states citizenship by naturalization (Order No. 3669156). Available From ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (1649198287).

"Differential Effect of US vs. Foreign Higher Education on Naturalization"

"Marriage as a Pathway to US Citizenship"

"Timing of Acquiring US Citizenship"



Research in Progress:

“Marriage and divorce in the context of U.S. immigration policy”


“Work or school? A look at the costs of child labor in Nepal“ with Danice Guzmán


“Global Economic Migration Modelling” with Paul Brenner and John O’Hare


"Developing courses that address the challenges of teaching on the road (abroad)”


"Closing the Child Labor Evidence Gap: Impact Evaluation" (with Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development) for press release click here.

Funded by the US Department of Labor, for DOL press release click here


"The Determinants of Fertility Differences among Native and Foreign Born Women in the United States"

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.