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"Love the art in yourself, and not yourself in the art."

-Constantin Sanislavski


     These pages are devoted to my artistic endeavors at University. Since I was very little I liked to draw. I had a great teacher early on and developed my skills and creativity in high school. I never want to miss an opportunity to get visual and get creative. More recently I have gotten into photography and enjoy capturing the little perspectives on nature that can make anything seem beautiful.


     Drama has also been an important aspect of my life since elementary school. I have been told by a lot of people that I have talent, naturally I want to explore it. I have tried to expose myself to acting in its various forms and even read some Stanislavski (see the above quote). I was involved in a few productions this year and acquired a new perspective from each one.


     Art is also something that is pretty distant from my intended area of study (Environmental Engineering) but it is something that has made me who I am today. Another thing Stanislavski said was that -


"Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it"


- And I have never considered flight.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.