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     Change 4 the Better is a nonprofit startup at Notre Dame that is looking to support charities in the South Bend area by connecting them to local businesses and Notre Dame. It was founded under Enactus and is composed entirely by students from various colleges at the unversity.


     Our impact stems from our change round-up campaign, in which we give our partners' customers the option to round up their change to the nearest dollar (eg. for a purchase totalling $9.64, rounding up would make $10.00 and a donation of $0.36). If they choose to participate, the money collected this way is put into a separate account and held until a sizable donation can be made to a charity in need of support.


     This year we were able to connect with the South Bend Center for the Homeless and did some volunteer work there. This was especially impactful as we experienced firsthand the organization we are trying so hard to support. We also contacted a few local businesses including Studebagels, Chicoree Café and Le Peep. Due to concerns about tips, however, we were unable to implement our Round-Up Campaign.


     The group has plans to continue its growth over the next few years, espescially since most members are freshman or sophomores. I will be returning next year in whatever role needs filling. For a look at some of the things I did, check out What I Learned.


The volunteer team.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.