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     In engineering I have been a part of various project teams. Here you can see my best projects from the past academic year.

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     ROBOTORO was a pet that my team designed for the NXT Pet project. The goal was to make a pet that could perform a number of different behaviours appropriate for an electronic toy and based on the animal's natural behaviour.


     My group's design was based on a Longhorn bull. We were attracted to the idea of having an animal that could charge around the floor and act in a dynamic way.


Click here to see our project report on what went into creating Robotoro:



     Our project was voted best in section by our peers and we are happy to receive the recognition. My group then made a trip to the fifth grade classes that helped us come up with our design! 


     The most valuable lesson I learned from this was the challenges and benefits of using a pre designed medium. The Lego kit itself allowed for a lot of creativity but at the same time it was constraining when it came to aesthetics.


     LABview for NXT was used for the program and this was a successful first expereience in programming for myself and my team.

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