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"My name is Cameron Hart, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have lived there my entire life. My family has been in Canada for a long time, so the closest international connection I have is a grandparent from Scotland."


"I like running cross-country and track for competitive and personal reasons. I also swim and like to try other sports as they come along. I am also certified by the American Red Cross in CPR/AED and as a tennis instructor under the TPA."


"I really like trying out new things and University has been a great opportunity for me to branch out! I signed up for lots of activities over the course of my first year and gained many new eperiences (which you can learn more about here )!"


"I especially like acting and have been involved in a few productions over the last few years both in and behind the scenes. I have also helped out backstage with sets and even designed a few."


"I also really like drawing in my sketchbooks or painting on canvas. Photography is another hobby of mine, so you can ususally find me with my pont-and-shoot."


"For more on my artistic side, check out "The Art in Yourselftab to find examples of some the work I have done this year. "

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.