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My Involvement


     "Being a part of Change 4 the Better was an awesome experience! After I showed up to the first meeting, I kew that this would be something engaging. Our leader this past year was John Vernon, a Senior at Notre Dame. He was great at getting us motivated to get things done, and kept everyone up to speed while taking a heavy workload for himself.


     Early on, I moved into the role of marketing designer, using my visual talents and eye for creativity to create various marketing rsources for our group. Our first task was to design a logo and a visual identity for ourselves. After some initial sketches and working with Laurel Komos (a marketing-design major) she came up with the logo and brand identity that you may have seen in my opening section. From there, I set about designing posters, t-shirts and our group's website. I got to leanr so much about creating a brand identity and it was awesome to be surrounded by business-minded people from Enactus.


     At the end of the year our group entered the TIES Social Contribution Impact Showcase, hsted by Notree Dame. I was chosen to speak on behalf of our group along with Matthew Biggins, our leader for next year. It was a huge success and we even won Best Presentation at the competition!"


You can find a link to the Prezi I designed below


Change4theBetter Prezi


     Looking ahead, our group would like to enter the actual International Enactus Competition next year. This would require us to step up and make business connections early on, but we are confident in our abilities and motivated by the needs of the Center for the Homeless.


     In the end Change 4 the Better taught me a lot about leadership and some of the things that come up with working as a part of a team. We faced a few obstacles in getting started, but we are looking forward to next year!




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.