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The Candian EH!


     "This was a radio show I started last semester with WVFI student radio. Being from Canada I thought it would be a fun way to expose some of the great music artists from my country. I marketed the show as a Canadian showcase, calling it the Canadian EH!


     I have relatives involved with radio in Toronto who were both the inspiration and helpful resources for my show. Over the course of the semster, I learned how to use various forms of sound technonlogy and how to be a fun, energetic host. One of the highlights was definitely getting my British friend Cornelius McGrath in one night to talk about his favorite genre of music: Rap. 

My first guest Cornelius McGrath in the studio.


     While I took a break from radio in my second semster, I intend to make a return to the airwaves in the fall with another friend of mine. This time I won't limit myself to Canadian artists and perhaps inject a bit more talk into the show."


Some Promotional posters I made for my show.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.