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Second Semester Wrap Up


How have your academic and extracurricular experiences this year changed you?


     "It is challening to look back at a year's worth of friendships, studying, and involvement to identify ways in which I have changed. All the relationships I have made here have all contrbuted to a broadening of my social outlook. Being an International Student, there have been some things to adjust to (like spelling colour like color) but I have also been able to meet with people from counrties outside the US and Canada."


The International Student T-Shirt Deigned by Hyung Sub Roh


     "My studies have been challenging and rewarding this year as many of my study habits have had to be re-tuned as assignments and tests start to pile up.One of the hardest things for me to learn is to seek external support when academic performance starts to suffer. I have always been comfortable working on my own and always felt that I could learn anything I set my mind to. While this is still the case, I have also seen the abundance of academic resources available to me for no cost whatsoever. Extra office hours from profesors, learning groups in Coleman-Morse and resources found online are all things I should have been using right away, but now I know better. I am proud of the fact that I have met with success with writing papers for various classes and this hade me more confident as a writer of academic papers."


(For a small showcase of my best work in this area, see my Academic Work section)


     "My on-campus involvement has been central to my experience as a Freshman I have branched out into so many things that I feel like a vital part of this community. I have been forced to learn better methods of time management while acquring new skills and building connections."


(To learn more about my experiences in this area see my Campus Involvement section)



What would you like to do over the summer to support your learning goals? (For example, do you have a list of books you want to read?  Are there films or music you want to experience? Are there volunteer, paid work, or other experiences you plan on pursuing that will help you develop your language skills, teamwork skills, cultural competency skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc.?)


     "My plans for this suummer are to return to Toronto in order to work as a tennis instructor with the Doug Philpott Inner City Tennis Fund. I had initially planned on aquiring an internship with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) but I did not get a position. I also contacted some faculty involved in research on campus, but they had been fully staffed by the time I applied. In recent weeks I have met with some of these faculty and hope to get a position for next summer!

     On a more personal note, I hope to have fun this summer reconnecting with friends from elementary and secondary school. I also want to train for competitive running and possibly a trithlon next year. As I have made a habit of always having a book on the go, I hope to read some classic novels in my spare time this summer."


My Support System at Notre Dame:



Alex Ambrose

(First Year Advisor)



207 Coleman-Morse


Elizabeth Kerr

(Engineering Advisor)




Alexandros Taflanidis

(Engineering Advisor)




158 Fitzpatrick Hall



Damian Zurro

(Wrting & Rhetoric Professor)


300 O'Shaughnessy Hall 


Jason Grant

(Engineering Instructor)



254 Fitzpatrick

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.