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Mid-Year Self-Reflection
& ePortfolio Updates

Congratulations on completing your first semester at Notre Dame.  Everyone at the First Year of Studies wishes you a joyous Christmas and a very happy New Year.  Be sure to get plenty of sleep over the holidays, and have lots of fun!

As you prepare to choose a college and major in Spring Semester 2013, we ask that you think carefully about your hopes, dreams, and progress thus far. In order to facilitate such reflection, we ask that you complete the “Mid-year Adjustments & Plans” page in your eportfolio. 

You will find this page in your eportfolio under the “First Year” tab (see image below).

You can login into Digication through your Gmail “More” or use  eportfolio.nd.edu.

We ask that you offer thoughtful responses to these questions. Once saved/published, and submitted, your answers will serve as a starting point in the discussions with your advisor that will lead to the selection of a major and the completion of the College Declaration form.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.