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Dear Students,


ePortfolio Wrap Up


Please complete the first-year portion of your eportfolio before your PIN meeting or very shortly afterward by doing the wrap-up questions. The PIN meetings begin in April.


I will be informing your new college about whether you (1) have just begun your eportfolio, (2) have a reasonably well developed eportfolio (having completed the mid-year review and/or the pre-spring meeting questions), or (3) have an accomplished eportfolio (having also completed the wrap-up questions). Obviously, to make a good impression on your new advisors, as well as put the final touches on the eportfolio, you’ll want to do the wrap up. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


You will find the wrap-up questions in your eportfolio (in the menu on the left) under the “First Year” tab.  You can log into Digication (and your eportfolio) through your Gmail “More” tab. Or, you use  eportfolio.nd.edu.


If you run into any problems feel free to email our eportfolio coach at: eporftoliofys@gmail.com 



Fall Registration:


In early April, you’ll receive your fall registration PIN from your upper-level college.  Check the FYS News Notes and Monday emails for details.


If you plan on a major (or supplemental major or minor) in A&L, you can declare it by going to the department(s) and filling out and signing a yellow form (supplied by the department).  The department representative (undergraduate advisor) will sign it too, and then you’ll drop the yellow declaration of major form off for me to process. Some departments are having meet-your-major-meetings to do this, so watch the FYS emails for announcements.


Your fall PIN allows you to sign up for fall classes.  The completed Arts & Letter’s major declaration form allows you to get into “majors only” courses.


After the PIN meeting, I will continue to be your advisor for the rest of the academic year, but your new college/major advisor will give you expert assistance on course selection for the fall.


Let me know if you have questions. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.