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About First Year of Studies Advising ePortfolios


What are First Year advising eportfolios?


Advising eportfolios (as opposed to showcase eportfolios) are a teaching tool designed to assist students in improving their decision-making, goal-setting and planning skills, skills which are necessary in order to be actively engaged in managing their own learning. The eportfolio also gives students the opportunity to begin to collect, organize, and present multimedia evidence (i.e. papers, projects, pictures, videos, and reflections) of learning experiences (class, work, research, time abroad, and/or service). ePortfolios have the potential to assist students in becoming more intentional and active learners by helping them take ownership of their academic progress.  


First Year advisors use this tool to assist students towards these goals through directed reflections and the advisors' responses to those reflections. Pre-advising meeting questions and mid-year and end-of-year reflection questions are designed to prompt students to think about and to integrate their learning experiences and to develop skills across disciplines. These questions are also designed to help students to make plans based on strengths and interests, to strategically develop necessary skills, and to make better informed and more engaged decisions based on having learned more about themselves and the rich (and complex) University environment. Ideally, advising eportfolios can create both a foundation and a medium for advising sessions that will improve academic engagement as well as intellectual and personal development.


What are the goals of the FYS Advising ePortfolio Initiative?


*At the University level: To introduce student to eportfolios and give them a space to reflect on and document their learning.

*At the college level: To improve the advising experience by assisting students in being more prepared for advising meetings and for academic decisions through pre-engagement, reflection, and planning.  In addition, the eportfolio should support FYS assessment efforts by providing evidence of student reflection on learning.

*At the student level: To improve student engagement, learning, and development that can be continued during their undergraduate experience.


What is the FYS Advising ePortfolio Initiative?


The FYS Advising ePortfolio Initiative is a joint project between the First Year of studies and the Notre Dame ePortfolio Engagement Program (nDEEP). nDEEP is the University-wide initiative that seeks to enhance student engagement, achievement, assessment, and academic planning and achievement through eportfolios. For more information on nDEEP contact the Interim Director, G. Alex Ambrose in the First Year of Studies.


What is the right way to spell eportfolio?


You will notice that “eportfolio” is spelled a number of different ways. This is because until very recently the spelling of the word was fluid. The now accepted spelling of the word is “ePortfolio” when it begins a sentence or is in a title. When the word is used in the middle of a sentence it is spelled “eportfolio” without capitalization or hyphens.

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