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Here are some things you can do, people you can ask, and places to go if you run into problems. You can also consult the help menu at the left for some specific questions.

1. Check Digication's Digication Knowledge Base (specifically the eporfolio section) and Quick Start Guide.  If you can't find your answer on Digication's support documentation, try searching Google with the keywords "Digication (+ your question)" and/or Youtube for demos.

2. Contact Digication at support@digication.com or 1-888-342-DIGI (3444). Please do not contact Notre Dame OIT for help about Digication.  Digication is a hosted 3rd party web-based service that provides unlimited end-user support via email, and guarantees a 24-hour response time year round. Typically, during EST office hours, responses are made within two hours.

3. Contact our student eportfolio coaches to drop in during their walk-in hours or set up an online or face-to-face consultation. You can reach them at eportfoliofys@gmail.com.   (Note: Student workers are available during the semester but not during University holidays or Breaks.)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.