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Courses That I Am Currently Taking


THEO 40423 - Performing Beauty:  Liturgy, Theology, and Aesthetics

Instructor:  Professor Timothy P. O'Malley

Course Description:  "This course offers an entrée to themes at the intersection of liturgy, theology, and aesthetics. The class will introduce students to major questions in theological aesthetics as they relate to liturgy. To what extent is beauty part of divine revelation, and how does liturgical beauty reveal? What role does art, drama, and poetry play in liturgical rites? Is there a beautiful way to participate in the liturgy, and if so, what is it? How does one judge the beauty of a prayer, a rite, a church, a sermon, or a piece of music? The course will examine these questions, not simply through an examination of systematic texts but through historic study of specific incarnations of liturgical beauty. These incarnations of beauty will include rituals, prayer texts, sermons, devotional books, mystagogical treatises, liturgical drama, poetry, hymnody, architecture, as well as painting and iconography."


THEO 40202 - The Christian Theological Tradition II

Instructor:  Professor John R. Betz

Course Description:  "The course will examine the development of the Christian tradition from the time of the Reformation to the present, with special attention to the confessional division of the western Christian tradition during the Reformation, and the responses that post-Reformation Christian traditions make to the secularization of Western culture. The objective of this course is to develop an ecumenical understanding of contemporary Christian traditions."


THEO 40108 - New Testament Introduction

Instructor:  Professor Ardea C. Russo

Course Description:  "THEO 40108 is an introduction to the history and literature of the early Christian movement. The focus of the course will be on the writings contained in the New Testament, and an attempt will be made to understand these writings as historical documents within their social and religious setting.The purposes of the course are (1) to provide insight into the cultural and religious matrix of early Christianity, (2) to develop a basic knowledge of the New Testament writings with respect to their literary and theological characteristics, (3) to provide an introduction to the contemporary critical study of the New Testament, and (4) to provide guidance in the art and methods of exegesis. The course is composed of five major segments:  (1) The Jewish Matrix of Early Christianity, (2) Jewish Messianism and the Ministry of Jesus, (3) Jesus in the Memory of the Early Church, (4) Paul and the Spread of Christianity, and (5) Ethics, Eschatology, and Early Catholicism."


PHIL 20802 - Philosophical Reflections on Christian Belief

Instructor:  Professor Luke Potter

Course Description:  "An examination of some of the most philosophically fascinating features of the Christian faith, including the Christian conception of God, the doctrine of the incarnation, and the cogency of a Christian world-view."


CLLA 10002 - Beginning Latin II

Instructor:  Jesse Arlen

Course Description:  "This two-semester sequence of courses introduces students to the language of the ancient Romans for the first time. It emphasizes the fundamentals of Latin grammar and vocabulary, and prepares students to read original Latin texts. An appreciation for ancient Roman culture is also fostered through secondary readings and class discussion. "


THEO 30655 - On Human Dignity

Instructor:  Professor John C. Cavadini

Course Description:  "This course will examine the theological presuppositions of the concept of human dignity, based principally on the documents of the Second Vatican Council, encyclicals of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching, and associated theological literature. The course also will consider insights from philosophy, political science, and other disciplines as they bear on the theological understanding and clarification of the concept of human dignity."


THEO 43001 - Theology Proseminar

Instructor:  Professor Gabriel Reynolds

Course Description:  "This course gives an introduction to the study of theology.   In particular, it provides: [1] an overview of theology and its disciplines / areas of specialization, [2] bibliographies of primary and secondary sources for theological research, and [3] information about internships and career opportunities for theology majors."

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