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2010 Transfer Courses

BIOS 10098 Introductory Biology

BIOS 10099 Introductory Biology II

CHEM 10171 Introduction to Chemical Principles

ECON 10020 Principles of Macroeconomics

FYC 13100 First-Year Composition

HIST 10010 American History

MATH 10550 Calculus I

PSY 10000 Introductory Psychology


Summer Session 2010

FYS 00500 Balfour Program


Fall Semester 2010

BIOS 10161 Biological Sciences I

BIOS 11161 Biological Sciences I Lab

CHEM 10181 Introduction to Chemical Principles

CHEM 11181Introduction to Chemical Principles Lab

CHEM 13171Chemistry Adjunct Seminar

ENGL 13186 Literature University Seminar

FYS 00501 Balfour Program Fall Follow-Up

MATH 10560 Calculus II

PE 10000 Physical Education

THEO 10001 Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical


Spring Semester 2011

BIOS 10162 Biological Sciences II

BIOS 11162 Biological Sciences II Lab

CHEM 10182 Organic Structure and Mechanism

CHEM 11182 Organic Structure and Mechanism Lab

ECON 10011 Principles of Microeconomics

ENVG 10900 Planetary Geology

PE 10001 Physical Education

PHIL 10101 Introduction to Philosophy


Summer Semester 2011

PHIL 20801 Philosophy of Religion

THEO 20606 Theology of Marriage


Fall Semester 2011

CHEM 20283 Organic Reactions and Applications

CHEM 21283 Organic Reactions and Applications Lab

CHEM 23201 Chemistry Seminar

CHEM 23212 Biochemistry Seminar

CHEM 48498 Undergraduate Research

EALC 10111 First Year Chinese I

PHYS Physics I


Spring Semester 2012

CHEM 20262 Mathematical Methods for Chemical Science

CHEM 20284 Chemistry Across the Periodic Table

CHEM 21284 Chemistry Across the Periodic Table Lab

CHEM 48498 Undergraduate Research

EALC 10112 First Year Chinese II

PHYS 30220 Physics II


Fall Semester 2012

BIOS 30341 Cell Biology

BIOS 31341 Cell Biology Lab

CHEM 30321 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 30341 Fundamentals of Biochemstry

CHEM 31341 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Lab

CHEM 48948 Undergraduate Research

EALC 20211 Second Year Chinese II


Spring Semester 2013

BIOS 20303 Fundamentals of Genetics

BIOS 21303 Fundamentals of Genetics Lab

CHEM 23202 Chemistry Seminar

CHEM 30322 Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 30342 Intemediary Metabolism

CHEM 48498 Undergraduate Research

EALC 20212 Second Year Chinese II

SCPP 40001 Preparing Health Professions


Fall Semester 2013

CHEM 23202 Chemistry Seminar

CHEM 50531 Molecular Biology I

EALC 30311 Third Year Chinese I

LLEA 33101 Heroism and Eroticism in Chinese Literature

CHEM 48498 Undergraduate Research


Spring Semester 2014

CHEM 30333 Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 31333 Analytical Chemistry Lab

CHEM 60480 Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides

EALC 30312 Third Year Chinese II

LLEA 33103 20th Century Chinese Literature

CHEM 48498 Undergraduate Research

CHEM 48500 Chemistry Undergraduate Thesis




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.