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SP Cap 6: Prompt 1

Prompt 1

A side note to future readers: This is it. The last Integration. If you've actually read the other ones, thanks for looking at them. I tried to put myself into these, and I hope I did a decent job. It's been a heck of a year, and I thank you for taking to observe my growth.



             Even though it’s only been a year, it doesn’t feel like it. Welcome Weekend feels like it was just a few weeks ago, but as I begin to look back over my time at Notre Dame, I begin to remember the intricacies of my freshman year. I remember all of the activities, events, and clubs that I have been a part of. I remember all of the excruciatingly difficult proofs and frustrating problem sets. I remember the time I spent just sitting with friends and having genuine fun. I remember that it’s been a long time since the first week of college and how much I’ve changed since then because of Notre Dame. I hope that I have effectively detailed some of these here:

  1. Take advantage of crucial academic and university resources
    1. I have taken advantage of academic and university resources in a variety of ways, and one of my more recent accomplishments is becoming a Sorin Scholar:  http://cuse.nd.edu/sorin-scholars/
    2. I hope to continue to utilize academic and university resources in the future by continuing to listen and take the advice of both my peers and my professors. They have advised me throughout the year and helped me develop my interests. I was initially afraid of going to them for advice because I wasn’t sure if I would receive a positive response, but my recent experiences with my professors has shown me that they are more than willing to help me in any way the can, and I hope to continue to speak to them in the future.
  2. Engage with diverse communities  
    1. I have attempted to diversify my experiences at Notre Dame through a variety of methods, but my most recent efforts have been through my SSLP. I plan on going to Tucson, Arizona to work at the Pio Decimo Center this summer for the program: http://socialconcerns.nd.edu/pio-decimo-center
    2. I often struggle with balancing my desire to serve with my desire to succeed. My interests in mathematics do not often directly align with those of service, but I have recently resolved that I want to pursue both passions of mine even if I can’t combine them. Finding time for both will be my biggest challenge in the future, but I am hoping that the steps I have already taken will ensure that I fulfill my desire to serve: I have joined the Social Concerns department of Student Government and I have contributed to the cultural nights in my dorm, Keenan.
  3. Reflect on intellectual, professional and spiritual lives
    1. I believe that this category is broad, and I have multiple examples of my development in this area that can be found on my ePortfolio. As a result, I will post the link of my Latex Proof(s): https://nd.digication.com/rathin_kacham_fys_eportfolio/Academic_Showcase2/published#
    2. Since this is such a broad area, I feel as though this is the area in which I have experienced the most growth. I have become closer to Hinduism than ever before, I have applied to a variety of scholarship and summer programs, and I have done my utmost to develop my knowledge of mathematics outside of the material discussed in class. I’m not too sure as to how I should get better in this category besides being more effective at time management – an issue which I will discuss soon – but I plan on just keeping up my current attitude towards these subjects as I am satisfied with my progress in these fields so far.
  4. Cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle  
    1. This category is the one which I struggle with the most. That being said, that does not mean that I have not tried to improve in this regard, as shown in my second Integration: https://nd.digication.com/rathin_kacham_fys_eportfolio/Submission_22
    2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult for me because of the other commitments that I have. I try to do well in my classes and still have time for fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This has not been easy, and I have often had to compromise on the latter in order to focus on other aspects of my life. However, I am not happy about this. I know that staying healthy is a priority, but it is difficult for me. I want to improve on this by asking other to hold me accountable. I hope that having their external influence will help me be healthier.


I've changed a lot, and so has my haircut!

I recently shaved my head for the Bald and the Beautiful.

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SP Cap 6: Prompt 2

Prompt 2

Dear First Year Student,

            Welcome to Notre Dame! I hope that you’re excited to attend, but if you’re not, then that’s okay too. I was hesitant at first as well. I want to give you some advice based on my experiences in my First Year at Notre Dame. It’s been a really transformative experience for me, and I can confidently say that I am a better person because of my experiences at Notre Dame so far. I hope that the tips that I have compiled below can help you feel the same way at the end of your first year at Notre Dame.

  1. Be yourself. This is a huge cliché, I know, but college is the best place for you to express your personality. You’ll find someone with similar interests as you eventually, so don’t be scared to do you.
  2. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything. This is especially the case when it comes to drinking – not drinking doesn’t mean that you won’t make any friends.
  3.  That being said, try to make yourself uncomfortable. I have found that the experiences that have most influenced me in my first year have been those that I would have never done in high school.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail. Classes here, for the most part, are difficult. They require a considerable amount of effort and often call for true excellence for an A. Don’t worry if you don’t have a 4.0. Instead, try to focus on learning rather than the grade.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. As someone that compared himself to other for almost all of his first semester, don’t. It does nothing for you. Focus on being better than you were before, not being better than others.
  6. Make time to have fun. While grades are important, breaks are essential. Without them, college becomes monotonous, and that’s not good for anyone.
  7. Try to stay optimistic about classes that you might not initially be too excited about. As someone that despises the fact that I have to take a bunch of random classes as a Math major for my University and College requirements, I have found that staying optimistic about the classes has helped me do better in them and be positive about them.
  8. Go to class. The urge to skip is strong, especially for 8:20s, but it’s not worth it. While reading the notes online can give you a basic understanding of the subject, it’s no replacement for having a professor in front of you.
  9. Read The Week @ ND. There’s so much free stuff that’s given away on campus, and this is the place to find out about it.
  10. Get a nice jacket, especially if you’re not from a place that gets snow. It’s actually the worst thing ever (in my opinion), and a good jacket is essential.

Good luck!

Rathin Kacham


Me and my Roommate, Dan, in the Keenan Revue. Make yourself uncomfortable!

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