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Sean Patrick Wernert, Ph.D.
Associate Faculty, First Year of Studies 
Director, ND Ignite Initiative
Concurrent Faculty, Department of Education, Schooling, & Society
University of Notre Dame

Sean Patrick Wernert joined academia in 2002 serving first as an academic advisor and admissions representative at Owens State Community College in Toledo, Ohio before joining the faculty of the First Year of Studies at the University of Notre Dame in 2008.
In his capacity as a faculty first-year academic advisor, Dr. Wernert advises a caseload of about 150 students who meet with him on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss topics related to the following: student transition to college, scheduling, academic planning including putting together a four-year plan, choosing an academic college within the university and choosing a major(s)/minor(s), residence hall & campus life, extracurricular activities, decision making, etc. 

In addition to his role as an advisor, he serves as the Director of FYS' ND Ignite initiative.  This initiative is tasked with growing student-academic engagement outside of the classroom to enhance the first-year experience.  Programming, events, and courses are offered to connect students with each other, with faculty, and with community leaders. 

Dr. Wernert also teaches at the University of Notre Dame as an Associate Professor in the First Year of Studies teaching a wide range of classes focusing on self-discernment, decision making, current events, and research.  Finally, he also serves as a Concurrent Associate faculty in the Department of Education, Schooling, and Society. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.