Spark of Creativity

3-Yr Plan

Fall 2012:


Business Bootcamp

Drawing I

Literature I: The Lyric Poem

Philosophical Inquiry

Great Books Seminar IV

Intermediate Spanish I


Spring 2013:


Graphic Design I

Adobe Creative Suite Tutorial

Political and Constitutional Theory

Great Books Seminar III

Intensive Beginning Italian


Summer 2013:


Christian Experience: Vocation and Theological Imagination


Fall 2013:


3-D Foundations

Visual Communication Design 4: Typography


Scientific Inquiry: Theories and Practices

Great Books Seminar V

Intermediate Italian I


Spring 2014: (Study Abroad Semester)


Italian High Renaissance Art

Figure Drawing

Digital Photography

Intermediate Italian II

Mystics, Saints, and Sinners


Fall 2014:


Art, Vision, and Difference

Athenian Acropolis in Context

Visual Communication Design 3: Web Design

Visual Communication Design 8: Design for the Social Good

Great Books Seminar IV

Thesis Tutorial






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