Spark of Creativity

Challenge 1: Contour Drawing

At the very first Renaissance Circle workshop, Matthew Kubik, Associate Professor of Interior Design Dept of Manufacturing & Construction Engineering Technology and Interior Design Dept Indiana University-Purdue University (wow, that title's a mouthful...) came and talked about drawing and how it allows us to see the world with more clarity.  That workshop was probably my favorite of the ones I attended, because I myself am passionate about art.  We learned about contour drawing, a style in which the artist sketches only the outlines of shapes, and does not typically pick up his or her pencil or use an eraser. Often contour drawings are gesture drawings, quick sketches to capture the essence of an object, rather than the detail, but sometimes the sketches can become quite elaborate.  I accepted this challenge because I believed it would allow me to stretch my creative and artistic abilities into an unfamiliar field.


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