Spark of Creativity

Challenge 3: Free Choice

"Doodle Days" is a series of comics and sketches I am continually adding to, depicting scenes from both my life and my imagination.  Each scene depicts a memory, an emotion, or a funny story.  I have been creating doodles in this style since I was in the eighth grade, and the process is similar to keeping a diary.  In creating the doodles, I have an opportunity to reflect on what is happening my life and my emotional state, as well as expand my creative capacities.  By drawing simply and quickly, I master the basic expression of emotion and posture; I am therefore able to better express emotion and movement in my more sophisticated art, which can be viewed in my design gallery.  Each character I develop is based on an actual person in my life, and possesses some of his or her more hyperbolic traits.  I usually create the doodles in the corners of my notebook pages in between taking notes in class (because I always make sure to pay attention in class).  The process is soothing and creates a visual record of my life; it is fun to look back at my life and see the areas in which I have grown.  I plan to start a blog over the summer where I post doodles and reflections on my life and the world around me.  Perhaps one day, if I receive enough positive response, I will work on developing a serious comic strip using my "Doodle Days" signature style.


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