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Da Vinci 21st Century Renaissance Challenge

    Remember those cheesy icebreakers people use when you meet a large group of people? Like the ones where you answer a series of questions about yourself, your interests, etc. The type of question that you'd like to have a funny, clever, or interesting answer to, so that you leave the questioner with the impression--"I like that person. THAT is a person I would like to get to know."

     One of my favorite questions during these types of icebreakers has always been, "If you could meet any one famous person, living or deceased, who would you choose to meet and why?" I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to think outside the box. Whenever most people hear "famous person," their minds typically turn to celebrities, musicians, political or religious leaders.  My mind, however, has always led me to Leonardo da Vinci.  The almost tangible brilliance of this man is astounding, and he has long been one of the inspirational role models in my life.  The wide variety of talents he displays, as well as his apparent commitment to lifelong learning, have inspired me to pursue both of these traits in my own life.


     Simply the name da Vinci originally attracted me to the Renaissance Circle.  I have always aspired to be somewhat of a Renaissance woman, pursuing a well-rounded and curious mindset and personality.  My way of thinking about the world--not allowing myself to limit my own dreams and ambitions--has allowed me to take advantage of a great number of opportunities I may not have looked into otherwise.  I find that one of the most limiting things in life is a brain trapped within itself--stuck in a rut, unwilling to take chances and experiment beyond what it believes itself capable of.  I continuously experiment in new ways to avoid becoming trapped in that rut.  The Renaissance Circle is simply one of those chances.

     What exactly does it mean to be a 21st Century Renaissance individual?  Does it simply involve intelligence and a number of activities to list on a resume?  I do not believe so.  A true Renaissance man or woman passionately pursues knowledge and truth, while working good in the world by becoming the best person he or she is capable of becoming and utilizing his or her talents to produce as much good as possible.  Appreciation for art, literature, music, the sciences, and yes, even MATH, help lead the individual to begin to appreciate the world and the beauty it contains.  Because, at the heart of my lifelong pursuit of knowledge, this is my true end goal--to appreciate the world around me, and to leave this earth a better place than it was when I entered it.


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